When You Come To See Us


When You Arrive

Please arrive approximately 5 minutes early to complete a medical history form which is essential for us to provide optimum care. As we train all our staff  in both clinical and reception duties, you may meet any one of  Elizabeth, Sally, Caroline, or Jessica who will be able to help you with the paperwork if needed.



While You Wait

Your time is important to us and all endeavours are made to keep on time. However, the nature of dentistry (e.g. severe emergencies to accommodate) means that a small wait may from time to time be unavoidable. On these occasions, please feel free to select a book or magazine from our small library or to use our shiatsu massage chair to ease any tension in your muscles. We are also happy to make you a tea or coffee (even with sugar if so desired!!), so please ask.




Disablilty Access

If you have to use a mobility aid, you will not have to let this get in the way of good dental health as we have no steps and the corridors are wide enough for wheelchairs and walkers. Please ask if you have any queries or need extra assistance.









What We Offer

We offer trust, respect, sympathy and attention to quality dentistry. It is because of this that people from all walks of life and ages come to see us. Most people come to see us following a word of mouth referral from someone they trust.


We are experienced in all facets of  dentistry and hence  extremely comfortable and very happy to deal with all your concerns, big or small. Of course some problems require specialist help and we are very lucky on the Sunshine Coast to have the full range of specialists available locally.



We have a history from 1996  of  being able to treat almost everyone without the need for medications and drugs such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas). We prefer this to avoid any unwanted complications.


We are particularly keen to see people who have dental phobias and feel they have nowhere to go. This is often not the case, and with some patience and gradual desensitisation, dentistry can still be made an acceptable part of  your  life.

In our surgery, we strongly believe in the old adage that prevention is better than the cure,  and  would much prefer to avoid more complicated treatment wherever possible. We achieve this through a combination of education and a minimal interventionist approach which involves a lot less invasive treatment but more regular examinations (6 monthly is best). This helps to ensure your  mouth is in as healthy a condition as possible.